Chapter One: Conspiracy

March 30, 2010

ACP- the official army of club penguin. It’s my favorite thing to do on club penguin, and the best army there, too. I go to as many wars as possible and do the best I can, even though I’m  currently just a 2nd lieutenant . My penguin name is pinguino2357. One normal Friday, after I was done with my homework, I checked out the ACP website for any new posts. There was a recruiting session on snow forts at 3:00 (penguin standard time). Nothing much but there wasn’t anything else to do

After the session, I decided to stroll around through some open igloos, so i changed from my uniform to my normal clothes and started looking through. I noticed an igloo belonging to a suspicious username; Hackeradul. I clicked on it to meet a room packed with furniture so huge you could get lost in it. I thought it would be funny to hide so I went behind a rock wall close to the chat bar so that my username was also hidden. Then, two suspicious penguins, including Hackeradul, appeared.

He said, “Have you sent the chain Email?” “Yes, over a hundred should know”, replied the other, “It has also been delivered to most”. Hackeradul made a question emote, “Most? Was there any problems?” “One was too secure”, said his accomplice, “but it shouldnt be a problem. They are only one”. Hackeradult then said “I guess. Look up my user to find it. Remember, the code is enslavement.”

Enslavement. That just can’t be good. I went to the google bar and typed in Hackeradult’s user, clicked on the link, and typed in the code. This really can’t be good. The page was titled Penguin Adult Conquerors: Club Penguin and it’s players will be OURS!


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